20 Questions: Arrested for DWI in Texas is the first book in the 20 Questions series by Peter M. Lopez. The book was released as an ebook and is available for download as a pdf.

In 20 Questions: Arrested for DWI in Texas, you will find answers to such questions as:

  • What will happen if I am convicted of driving while intoxicated in Texas?

  • What does intoxicated mean in Texas?

  • Can I get a DWI off my record?

  • Will my driver license be suspended?

  • Can I get an occupational license?

  • And many more.

This book was written as a resource for anyone arrested for driving while intoxicated in Texas. It answers the questions most frequently asked by clients arrested for DWI. Answering 20 questions is certainly not enough to cover all the possible questions presented by any single DWI arrest, but it provides basic information to cover many of the questions asked by most of those arrested for DWI.

As the book correctly points out:

Answering 20 questions is in no way intended to cover all of the possible ramifications of a DWI arrest in Texas. Volumes could be written and have been written, and those just scratch the surface. There are potentially hundreds, if not thousands, of questions in every DWI case.

For example, 20 questions have been answered, but none relating to what constitutes a valid stop, a legitimate arrest, or breath and blood testing procedures. There are also no questions relating to field sobriety tests, videos, or police reports. The reason is that the countless other questions can only be asked and answered on a case-by-case evaluation. No two DWIs are ever the same, and every DWI arrest requires its own questions and answers. The facts of each stop, arrest, test, and everything else are so important and case specific.

Because of all of the variables that cannot be addressed in answering 20 questions, it is imperative that you have an experienced, knowledgeable criminal defense attorney working for you if you are arrested for DWI.

If you or a loved one has been arrested or charged with driving while intoxicated, contact our firm today.

20 Questions: Arrested for DWI in Texas is available to download  for as a pdf file, or enjoy reading the ebook below. Follow our Firm News for more information and upcoming books in the 20 Questions series.

NOTE: 20 Questions: Arrested for DWI in Texas was published in 2015 and has not been updated to reflect changes in the law that may have occurred since publication.