I recently met with a man who learned that a child he believed was his for 14 years wasn’t. He was being sued by the Attorney General’s Office for 14 years of back child support. The AG said that he had signed an Acknowledgement of Paternity, so there was nothing he could do. Everyone he talked to told him there was nothing he could do because it had been too long. I didn’t believe that, so I took his case. And we won!
— Peter M. Lopez, Attorney & Counselor at Law

If you have been sued to establish paternity, for child support, or for enforcement or modification, don't go to court alone. The consequences can be severe.

And don't believe the line, "There's nothing you can do." Let our firm help.

Through the years, our firm has met with dozens of individuals who thought they could go to court alone, but ended up in our office trying to undo what happened. It's more difficult and much more expensive to try and undo it. Let our firm help get it right the first time.

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