I just finished a trial where CPS was trying to terminate my client’s parental rights. We fought CPS for over a year. It was a long and hard-fought battle, but we finally won. I’m proud that my client didn’t give in to CPS because too many do. I will fight to protect parents’ rights.
— Peter M. Lopez, Attorney & Counselor at Law

If you have been contacted by Child Protective Services (CPS), contact our firm right away.

We frequently get calls from families who are under investigation by CPS, and who have already signed documents allowing CPS to place the children with someone else, requiring a lot of services, or otherwise imposing on the family's liberties. Before you agree to sign any documents or agree to perform any services, call Peter M. Lopez immediately to discuss your rights and obligations.

Peter has helped numerous parents get their children out of CPS placement and home where they belong. For over 15 years, he has fought for parents' right and to keep families united.

Once you are involved with CPS and in "the system," cases can take up to a year, possibly 18 months before they are resolved. CPS is under-staffed and under-funded, and, yes, CPS workers are generally trying to do what they believe is best for the child. But if what you think is best for your child is not what CPS thinks is best for your child, our firm can help.

An experienced attorney, like Peter, can help save you a year or more of meetings, court hearings, services, and frustration. Peter may be able to keep your case out of the court system altogether if you contact him early enough. 

Dealing with CPS can be a minefield. Let our firm go to battle with you. Call us today.