Driving is a privilege, not a right, so it’s easier for the government to take away your driving privileges. And there’s not much you can do without a license. It’s hard to get and keep a job. It’s hard to get your kids to school. It’s hard, period. I’ve helped countless people get or keep their license, and I want to help you.
— Peter M. Lopez, Attorney & Counselor at Law

If your license is suspended or in danger of being suspended, our firm can help.

For example, most people don't understand all of the consequences of an arrest for driving while intoxicated (DWI), or something as simple as a speeding ticket with a commercial drivers license (CDL). Both affect your drivers license. An arrest, not a conviction, but merely an arrest, for DWI will cause your drivers license to be suspended unless you (1) request an Administrative License Revocation (ALR) hearing within 15 days of the arrest, and (2) defeat the Department of Public Safety (DPS) in its attempt to suspend your license in the hearing.

If you have a CDL, or any drivers license, virtually any traffic violation will cause you problems if you are convicted; and repeated violations or non-payment of fines and court costs could also result in a suspension. Not to mention all of the surcharges and reinstatement fees DPS will charge you just to keep or get your license back.

Peter M. Lopez has years of experience defending license suspension cases, fighting traffic violations, and helping Texas citizens keep their drivers license. If your driving privileges are in jeopardy, let us help.