Outrage Over Stolen Blueberries at Texas Tech Law School

Law school is stressful enough. Add a blueberry theft to the mix, and it was enough to push one Tech law student over the edge.

Above The Law reports a Texas Tech University law student had his blueberries swiped from a community fridge. In response, the victim of the blueberry poaching posted a public note to the thief which provided, in part:

I hope you thoroughly enjoyed the blueberries you stole from me.

Have you been a thief for the whole of your miserable existence? Do you steal because you are hungry? Or do you steal because you have no morals? No honor? No dignity?

The rant worsened:

I hope no state in our Union admits you to its bar and that as a result you struggle for decades to pay off your student loans.

There is more to read as a photo of the original note is posted on ATL, which is signed: 

Guns up!

--Your disappointed Tech Law classmate.

Someone should inform the wronged law student that the punishment of decades repaying student loan debt is not within the range of punishment for theft. It is, however, within the range of punishment for attending law school.