Texas Holding Billions in Unclaimed Money, How Much is Yours?

Do you want a fun little Friday project? According to ABC13 Eyewitness News in Houston, one in four Texans has unclaimed property being held by the Comptroller of Public Accounts.

The official State of Texas unclaimed property website, ClaimItTexas.org, states:

There is currently about $3.4 billion in property that has not been claimed and approximately $586 million in shared property that has been partially claimed and paid to some of the owners. It’s never too late to make a claim, and we are committed to ensuring hardworking Texans don’t lose a penny.

You can check if you are one of the quarter of Texans to whom money is owed using the simple Texas Unclaimed Property Search tool. If you live or have lived outside of Texas and think you may be owed money, you can visit MissingMoney.com.

The Comptroller's site reports that the average claim paid is about $1,000 with the highest being $4.3 million. If you have money owed to you, you can claim your property using the online form. On your form, you have the option of donating all or part of your money to the Match the Promise Foundation, which provides scholarships to contributors to the Texas Tuition Promise Fund.

In researching this post, I determined I was one of the one in four. I was owed $5.00 from 2012. My wife was owed $.46 by a big name utility company from 2003. The search only takes a few minutes, and it could be well worth your time.