Pay Your Taxes in $1 Bills, Get Arrested

A taxpayer in Wichita Falls, Texas attempted to pay his property taxes in tightly folded one dollar bills and ended up in jail according to the Wichita Falls Times Record News.

Timothy Norris, 27, was asked to leave the Wichita County tax office by Tax Assessor Collector Tommy Smyth after attempting to pay his $600 property tax in folded $1 bills. According to Smyth, the bills were folded so tightly it took tax office personnel approximately six minutes to unfold each bill. At that rate, it would have taken more than a work week to count the bills

Another report states the unfolding of the bills "paralyzed work in the office," and Smyth accused Norris of "creating a disturbance and disrupting the efficiency of" the office.

When Norris refused to leave, he was arrested by a Sheriff's Deputy. According to Fox News, the arrest Affidavit alleges, "Norris pulled away from a deputy who was attempting to place him in handcuffs. He eventually was wrestled to the ground, placed in custody and charged with criminal trespass and resisting arrest."

The Texas Tax Code (Section 31.06) makes it clear that payment in cash is acceptable:

A collector shall accept United States currency or a check or money order in payment of taxes and shall accept payment by credit card or electronic funds transfer.

Although, I doubt this is what the legislature had in mind. 

I can't help but be reminded of the Seinfeld episode "The Calzone," where Kramer tries to purchase calzones with pennies and is refused, but not arrested.

Norris was released on $500 bail. I wonder if the bail bondsman or court clerk accepted payment in the folded $1 bills?