Rattlesnake Roundup Calendar of Events

The 57th Annual Rattlesnake Roundup opens today. The Roundup runs from March 12-15, 2015. Billed as the "World's Largest Rattlesnake Roundup," Roundup weekend is the time of year when the size of Sweetwater triples.

Hundreds of vendors, thousands of patrons, and plenty of the curious will soon descend upon Sweetwater for food, fun, shopping, and other activities. If you are looking for what to do this weekend, here is the Roundup calendar of events:

Accompanying the rattlesnakes are the carnival, flea market, gun, knife, and coin show, and various other activities. A cook off features barbecue, chili, rattlesnake, and several meat categories. There are also dances, tours, and just about anything else to make your weekend in Sweetwater a memorable one.

Over the years, the Roundup has drawn some criticism for the treatment of the rattlesnakes, but not all attention has been negative. A primary purpose of the Roundup since inception is population control as mentioned in a National Geographic video on American festivals.

Of course, what often happens during Roundup weekend is some patrons tend to party a little to long or a little to hard and end up spending a night or more in jail. Alcohol related arrests, thefts, burglaries, and other crimes also tend to increase during Rattlesnake Roundup weekend.

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