20 Questions: Arrested for DWI in Texas. How do I get an occupational license?

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If you have never had your license suspended before, you are eligible for an occupational license, unless you have a commercial driver license. You cannot get an occupational license for a CDL under any circumstances. If you have been issued more than one occupational license in the preceding ten years, you are not eligible for another.

If you are eligible, you will need to file a petition requesting the occupational license and all the accompanying documents. An experienced DWI attorney can help you with filing the appropriate paperwork. You will need to provide proof of insurance (in most cases an SR-22), evidence of your “essential need,” the days and times you need to drive (up to four or twelve hours in a given day, depending on certain eligibility requirements), the counties in which you need to drive, and possibly a copy of your driving record. Obtaining all of the documentation will take some time, so you should get started on the process of obtaining them right away.

Once a hearing has been set and a judge signs the order granting the occupational license, certified copies of the documents and fees will need to be mailed to DPS for issuance of the occupational license. If you have any outstanding fees, those must be paid before DPS will issue the occupational license. The order signed by the judge will be your driving permit until you receive the occupational license from DPS. You must keep a certified copy of the order with you at all times while driving, even when you have your occupational license. If not, your occupational license could be revoked.

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