20 Questions: Arrested for DWI in Texas. Conclusion.

20 Questions: Arrested for DWI in Texas is the first book in the 20 Questions series by Peter M. Lopez. It is currently available to read in ebook form below and for download as a pdf. A paperback version is scheduled to be released this summer.

Each question answered in 20 Questions: Arrested for DWI in Texas is also answered individually for your convenience here on our website if you are searching for answers to specific questions.

As you read, you may discover you have other questions. If so, links to the answers to the other nineteen questions in the book are provided below.

This is the Conclusion to the book.


Answering 20 questions is in no way intended to cover all of the possible ramifications of a DWI arrest in Texas. Volumes could be written and have been written, and those just scratch the surface. There are potentially hundreds, if not thousands, of questions in every DWI case.

For example, 20 questions have been answered, but none relating to what constitutes a valid stop, a legitimate arrest, or breath and blood testing procedures. There are also no questions relating to field sobriety tests, videos, or police reports. The reason is that the countless other questions can only be asked and answered on a case-by-case evaluation. No two DWIs are ever the same, and every DWI arrest requires its own questions and answers. The facts of each stop, arrest, test, and everything else are so important and case specific. This is yet another reason why you want an experienced criminal defense attorney working on your side.

What I have tried to do is answer the basic questions I get asked over and over. I have tried to do so as simply and honestly as I can, and I hope these answers help.

If you have other questions about a DWI arrest in Texas, here are the answers to the other nineteen most frequently questions when arrested for driving while intoxicated:

If you or a loved one has been arrested or charged with driving while intoxicated in Texas, call our firm today, and please enjoy 20 Questions: Arrested for DWI in Texas.