Peter M. Lopez Receives Family Law Mediation Certification.

Peter M. Lopez is a certified mediator and a certified family law mediator.

On March 29, 2016, Peter M. Lopez received certification as a family law mediator.

In addition to the 40-hour course required for certification as a mediator, which Peter completed in January of 2015, he completed a 27.25-hour family law mediation course in March of 2016.

Mediating family law cases that are emotionally charged and especially volatile requires a specialized skill set and the right temperament. Family law cases also require a mediator that has extensive experience with the complicated legal issues that arise in family law cases, such as conservatorship issues, complex property divisions, child support calculations, health insurance considerations, and many others.

Peter has approximately sixteen years handling all types of family law cases from inception, through the discovery process, and to final trial including jury trial. It is that kind of experience and training that allow him to mediate and resolve even the most complex of cases.

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